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Lauren Bruno has over 1000 hours of education, training, and experience in hypnotherapy and self-improvement. She holds a diploma in hypnotherapy from the nationally accredited Hypnosis Motivation Institute along with multiple certifications in therapeutic imagery, and hypnosis for anxiety, and past-life regression.

Lauren is passionate about embracing authenticity, self-love & self-improvement- making it a commitment to continue her education with seminars, coaching, and courses- while sharing her knowledge to others through comedic & educational video tips, music, & art. 


Hypnolution does not currently accept insurance. However, we can provide an itemized list of services provided, for you to submit a request reimbursement directly to your insurance provider in the event that hypnotherapy services are covered. Her most popular program is the Spiritual Awakening Alchemical Hypnosis Program

Have unique financial challenges?

Hypnolution seldom turns people away due to financial challenges. In fact, financial aid is available for qualifying clients to ensure affordable hypnotherapy. Sliding scale fees will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Fees are due at the time of your session and can be paid online by credit/debit card. To discuss alternative payment arrangements contact us below. 

For group rates and other inquiries, please contact us below. 

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