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4 week massive ALCHEMICAL ARTISTRY & embodiment 

group program to:


- have more creative fun & flow

- embody more emotional depth 

- be the lover of your dreams

- magnetize miracles, MagickAL 

& mystical experiences

IF YOU'RE AN ARTIST THAT CRAVES MORE MAGICK- register now for the next upcoming group
begins on the 1st of each month

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What's up Buttercup! I'm Lauren Bruno- a sultry, sassy sweetheart that loves nature's pleasures (something like giggling at butterflies dancing while drinking a cup of dark black coffee) good paperback books (the smell always gets me), deep philosophical conscious conversations (presence, respect and curiosity ftw), and free flowing in song & dance (you'll find me at most jam circle's around the fire.) 


After 3 years as a Certified and Accredited Hypnotherapist & Reiki Master focused on letting go of the ego's controlling & painful past to embrace more of the present- I'm excited to offer this new embodiment program focused on artistry that meets alchemical magick along with the flow of your natural & authentic soul. 

Mime Artists

I want to PLAY on purpose & ALCHEMIZE MY LEGACY- 
Sign me up!

You're In! Let's Embody More Playful Purpose

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