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11 Tips Successful People Bring into their Morning Routine

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

We've all been there...

Alarm's blaring for the 7th time, eye's barely open as you throw the phone across the room, groaning under your breath, while you roll out of bed. (Maybe not this dramatic, but you get it.)

I always thought the phrase "I woke up on the wrong side of the bed" was funny.

Mostly because it's true... sometimes we don't always get the best sleep, we might have to wake up at the crack of dawn for an hour long commute, or rush the kids off to school- there are many things that occur in the morning before we start to really feel into the day.

But WHAT IF the very first thing we started our day off with was something positive?

The thing about hypnosis is that it's with us right when we wake up.

So the hour when we wake up is one of the MOST important times of the day to take control of our habits, beliefs, rituals, and patterns.

What we say and do first thing in the morning will absolutely fuel our entire day.

So, if you haven't already started to integrate some positive habits into your morning routine, here's some inspirational tips that successful people do to set themselves up for a more positive outlook on the day!

1. Dream Journaling

Do you ever wonder if your dreams are trying to tell you something? Because our dreams are part of our subconscious mind, they probably are. The thing about dreams is that we usually aren't expecting them, which makes them so exhilarating. Dreams can be vivid, beautiful, scary, repetitive. There is so much wonderment in our dreams, which is why having a dream journaling practice is so powerful because we're asleep almost a quarter of our lives- it may make sense to start paying attention to them. The more we write down our dreams right when we wake up, the more we are going to remember them. And the more we remember our dreams, the more we start to notice patterns into why they're here and what they have to tell us. Feel free to download my free dream journal analyzation ebook, print it out or add it to Google Docs and make it a fun morning process!

2. I Am Affirmations

Why is an I AM Statement more powerful than an I Should Statement? Because you're telling your brain what you already ARE. Even if you don't believe it yet, your brain doesn't know the difference. Our brain processes the information we are saying, whether we believe it or not. What you're telling yourself matters. Start to take hold of the words you repeat to yourself. Fill yourself up with the loving words you deserve. The script that occurs in our minds truly becomes our lives. When we fuel our mind with feelings of confidence, power, and visionary words- we become more successful because we are what we say. When we fuel our minds with drama, gossip, self-loathing we will repeat those same patterns too. Take hold of your mind, don't let it take hold of you. Once we say I AM's more and more, the gentler we are able to look at ourselves.

3. Meditation

Being a Hypnotherapist, many of you already know how much I love a solid meditation practice. Meditation in the morning is one of the best ways to set yourself up for success because you're doing something for yourself, and you can still lay in bed while doing it! Meditation has SO many benefits, including releasing anxiety. The biggest misconception about Meditation is that it's doing nothing, or getting rid of all of our thoughts. In fact, it's quite the opposite. It's very much noticing the body, the breath, and watching the thoughts ebb and flow without creating an attachment to them. The more you practice the more you'll be able to take control of your thoughts. Creating a practice right in the morning will mean you're able to stick to it faster. If you're not big on meditating or don't feel you can, start with setting a timer of 1 minute of deep breaths, then move your way up to 3, then to 5. Meditation doesn't need to be a long practice. But Neuroscience has shown that the most successful, clear-minded people have a practice of at least 15 minutes a day. Breathe Check out my first Youtube 12 Minute Meditation Video on I AM Authentic Affirmations.

4. Movement Flow or Stretching (Qigong, Yoga, or Dance)

There's nothing like a nice stretch of the body, ahhhhh. Taking a nice stretch, and a AHHH out the mouth makes such a difference in the start of the day. Bringing in some movement into the morning doesn't need to be a huge exercise routine. There are so many benefits to playing with our energetic fields and circulating our blood flow through many different forms of light movement. Qigong is an ancient practice that has been proven to bring more balance and harmony into our lives, while releasing anxiety and depression.

5. Gratitude Journaling

Gratitude attitude is the way to go. Yes it can be hard sometimes, especially when we think about everything going on in the world. But the more gratitude we bring into the simplicity of life, the more we feel fulfilled for just opening our eyes. Gratitude doesn't need to be anything grandiose, we can be grateful for the air we breath, the water we drink, the colors we are able to see, the warm blankets wrapped around us, the smell of our favorite candle. Writing our gratitude down is going to help instill that in the subconscious mind.

6. Saying, "I love you" in the mirror

Look yourself in the eyes, and pump yourself up. Say I love you, you're going to make this an amazing day. I love you, any challenge that comes, you're going to take it in stride like the badass that you are. You deserve love, you deserve nothing but love. And sometimes we are the only ones that can fuel ourselves with that love. I know the first time I told myself I loved myself in the mirror, I winced in pain. It was really hard to say. But the more you say it, the more you'll believe it. Keep going, you got this. (ooo another great thing to say in the mirror.)

7. Writing down or saying ONE thing that would fulfill you today

No To-Do Lists, just ONE thing that would be fulfilling. Something that you know you're going to achieve easily and naturally. Because you're focusing on what will fulfill you, the To-Do List doesn't matter as much anymore. You're focusing on that one fulfilling thing, and if you hit it you can be proud to say, maybe I didn't achieve all my goals, but I DID achieve the most important one. Some of my favorite examples are, making a deep connection with someone, or making someone laugh, or being present, or singing my heart out in the shower. Something fun, cute, and overall positive.

8. Not Checking our Social Media Right Away

This is a BIG one. Social media has taken over a big chunk of our lives. We all know it. We all are entranced in the world of online and online communities. It's a beautiful thing to be able to bring so many people from all over the globe together. BUT when you start off the day with other people, you're not doing something for yourself. You're letting other people guide your lifestyle. Should that really be the first thing to start the day off with? Probably not. Tracking our social media usage can be helpful too. When you start to notice that it's taking up more than half of your life, maybe it's time to bring some other, more fulfilling creative processes into the morning. Swap out social meeds for self-love needs.

9. Having a Full Glass of Water & Thanking the Water

One of the cutest and most loving practices I brought into my life this year with the help of Paradigm Shift Central - was thanking my water. We are rather lucky to have fresh, clean water- wouldn't you agree? Water is a necessity for our lives, we are water beings after all with our bodies being about 60% water. Studies have shown that thanking your water with intention can actually have the potential to change the molecular structure of it. Forming beautiful crystalline structures. Having water by the bed will set you up to be ready to drink it right away, first thing.

10. Enjoying the smells of morning breakfast

MMM nothing like mindfully enjoying the smells around you. The smell of coffee brewing is one of the biggest appreciations of the morning. Or maybe you are ready for a nice orange to energize you. Smell it before you eat it, take it in. Scents have the ability to fuel our mind, to spark our imagination and to help us enjoy our surroundings more.

11. Massaging or Hugging Yourself

Have you ever done a quick self massage? Showing your own body appreciation is important. A jaw massage in the morning can help us release any bruxism from the night. A temple or head massage can help release headaches. Show your body as much love as you can give it. The more we give love to ourselves, the more integrative our mind-body connection will be.

So there you have it!

Some of the best tips successful people bring into their mornings to set themselves up for a fulfilling day. Adding just one of these tips into the morning will make you feel happier, more grateful, and will ultimately bring you more control of your day and life. Do something for YOU in the morning, you deserve it.

- Lauren Bruno, C.H.t.

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