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What does Spirituality or Awakenings Mean?

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

Let’s talk about Spiritual Awakenings!

Firstly, I would like to point out that identifying as Spiritual doesn’t make anyone better or less than anyone else. We’re allowed to identify as anything we want– but spirituality doesn’t always mean the same thing to all of us– and that’s okay.

To me- spirituality means you are consciously looking at yourself in an introspective way.

You believe that something withholds a high vibrational, powerful energy– like the Universe let’s say… Or God. Or Love. Or all of us combined in our power.

And you live in gratitude for what you have, even the most trivial of things.

Now let’s say a spiritual person would like to reach a new goal– so they wish for something, pray for it, or manifest it by writing down the goal, being SO excited and grateful to receive that goal before they achieve it. Then surrendering it into the Quantum, not controlling it- or holding on too tight. Letting go of the perceived outcome and how it will happen.

To be completely honest, to me– manifesting is the new buzzword for prayer, and Universe is the new buzzword for God.

BUT again this doesn’t mean anyone is better or less than anyone else, that’s an illusion. Spirituality doesn’t have to be a dogmatic religion, it doesn’t need to include separateness because of diverse opinions.

“The whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts” - Aristotle

People who consider themselves spiritual and really follow that role live with integrity. Integrity is one of the most important qualities to encompass in this life, in my opinion.

Playing victim mentality all the time may mean there’s some more inner work to be done. Noticing the patterns of who’s to blame. Noticing what our triggers are and why they’re there.

When there is a whirlwind of angry emotions around, spiritual people tend to address the situation within the stillness of their minds, so they can make productive change. Someone who’s anchored within will navigate through challenges as they arise.

Continuing to accept people for who they are while setting boundaries with those that are not for their greatest and highest good. Continuing to do the work, look inward, learn, accept, and show up for themselves because they deserve it. But also because they want to best serve those around them as well. They lead with love, even if they make mistakes and that’s what’s most important. They understand there’s is light and shadow in all of us, and it’s through conscious awareness where we can accept others for their light and shadow.

Okay so now that we’ve got Spirituality covered let’s talk about spiritual awakenings.

Most people who identify with having a Spiritual Awakening feel as though everything they thought about existence isn’t the same as before.

Almost as if you’re watching a puppet show or a Hollywood facade.

Things, at first, may feel a little empty. And why wouldn’t it feel empty? You’re living in a world that puts profit over people, mass production over the environment, numbing pain vs healing through feeling. A world that wants you to work in order to live– regardless of the passion or fulfillment behind it.

It’s okay to be mad at the world sometimes.

But you don't want to stay in this angry energy, right? Once we start to recognize the absurdities in this paradoxical universe you most likely will feel a little bit hopeless at first, maybe like there’s no way out of all of the pain.

And as you may have googled during work, “how to know if you’re going through a spiritual awakening”- maybe you found yourself here.

So here's the kicker– do you want to know how powerful you are?

As soon as you feel that pain, understand why it’s there - THAT’S PART OF THE GREAT AWAKENING BABY.

Instead of numbing it you allow yourself to feel these emotions. You allow yourself to transmute it through understanding and being there for yourself. Noticing the generations upon generations of hierarchical traumas that have been passed down to us as we start to take hold of those patterns, right here, right now.

Filling up your own self-love cup through other self-care tools. And then if you can muster up a little interest in yourself for having this pain, maybe some synchronicities start happening. And maybe some people cross your path that you really needed in your life at that moment. People that help you to understand why you’re here and what that purpose is.

And that’s the next step! As you start to open yourself up to all of these self-love, holistic healing tools- you start to feel connected to yourself again. Some of my favorite tools include movement, mindfulness, meditation, past-life regression, energy healing, chakra toning, grounding, tai chi, subconscious reprogramming. Once you start to have fun with it and maybe even start to think- THIS PLANET IS SO FUCKING COOL.

And you feel better, you feel healthier in your body, your mind, and soul. Your chakras (or organ bundles along the vagus nerve) are working more in sync with each other and less in that ego-mind. And the more you start to shed layers of your ego, the happier you’re becoming. And the happier and more heart-centered you become, you feel a deeper connection with the beauty of the earth, with yourself, and with all living things (or multi-dimensional creatures) that cross your path within it.

As a Hypnotherapist that helps spiritual badasses transform pain to power through Alchemical Hypnosis, I’ve seen so many mind-blowing discoveries occur and pain releases. Discoveries and healing are the most fulfilling parts of guiding others into their subconscious mind, body, & soul connections.

Within this new earth, IS connection. It’s collaboration over competition. And it’s this deep integration within yourself in order to create a better world within and without.

As you begin this process you may feel a little empty, know that you’re not alone in that. And know you are about to take yourself on the journey of your dreams. You’ve already started to enhance your own psychic abilities as soon as you felt the pain for something more. The pain of wanting a better world. That better world is going to start within you first.

Maybe you consider yourself a lightworker, that means that you’d like to add more light to the crystalline grid structure of this planet in order to raise it’s vibration. Raising the vibration lead’s to planetary ascension towards unity vs duality. I believe unity will only happen when we fully understand and embrace the concept of duality first.

And if you want to be or consider yourself a Lightworker, your goal is to help more people shine their own light. That’s as simple as it can be. Shining our light leads to more understanding, empathy, compassion, and purpose-driven lives.

Because empathy is a super power.

A purpose-driven life doesn’t need to be complicated, just one that you enjoy and feel at ease with. & one that we want Earth to have which is peace. Let’s get it. Let’s continue to wake up to ourselves. To feel at one with who we are inside and outside.

To loving your light & your shadow,


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