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What is Past-Life Regression Hypnotherapy?

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

Ever have deja-vu?

A recurring or vivid dream that hit you hard?

Meet a person you felt you've known forever?

As a certified and licensed Past-Life Regression Hypnotherapist, I have never experienced (both personally and professionally) something quite like the abstract healing of Past-Life Regression. Here are some of the most common questions I get.

1. What are Past-Life Regressions?

Past-Lives are recalling various scenes, feelings, and memories through the eyes of another person and reliving them as if they are happening to you right now. It's a fascinating way to heal the present through the past.

2. How can I remember a Past-Life?

Common ways people experience snippets of a past-life are through deja-vu flashbacks, snippets of dreams, guided meditation, or maybe a psychic told you about yours and you have an inkling to find out more about it. The most effective, therapeutic, and powerful way I've found for you to recall your own Past-Life from your own words is with a trained and certified Past-Life Regression Hypnotherapist. It works very well if you have a good rapport with your Hypnotherapist and you resonate with their vibration.

3. What exactly is Past-Life Regression Hypnotherapy?

PLR Hypno works with the mind, body, emotions, and energetic system of your soul. It's an abstract way to look at the root of a problem or issue you're experiencing in order to experience them in the present moment while healing them. Problematic patterns from this life may show up in a past-life in the forms of relationship issues, addictions/ habits, illnesses, sexual dysfunction, etc. Once we relive these moments we are able to release the pain of cell memory trauma energetically stored in the body. Many clients of mine are able to visualize very vividly while others have a feeling or intuitive knowing.

4. What are the benefits?

Some of the benefits include:

• Understanding root beliefs • Letting go of limiting beliefs • Unlock Hidden Talents

• Speed Up Inner Healing • Let go of Fears/ Phobias • Increased Compassion

5. What are the sessions like?

My sessions are about 2 hours long. I will first ask questions about your current life in order to spark your subconscious mind to unlock patterns that you are ready to release or increase. A lot of the time people feel as though they are making it up, which is completely normal. You don't need to believe in reincarnation in order to experience Past-Life Regression. Whether it's real or not, it's an abstract way for your mind to release traumas. You are guided through an alpha brain-wave (meditative) state while speaking about what you are experiencing. Many clients remember exactly what was said and seen. We can also record the session if you're interested in having it afterward, however, clients speak very softly during this state and your mind remembers more than what was said.

6. What if I uncover something scary?

In these sessions, I help guide you with a safe and supportive environment. Your subconscious mind will only experience something scary if it is ready to release it. Remembering that you are divinely protected and guided, experiencing something traumatic is a healing way to release emotional or physical pain stored in the body. Crying during these sessions is encouraged for release as well.

7. Is it safe to experience death?

Reliving the death process is where the real healing happens. Facing the death experience and feeling the peace that accompanies has incredible therapeutic value. After the death process, the life between lives, we review with your higher self the lessons you've learned, what you may be carrying over to this life, and any other messages that may come through you.

8. What if I can't relax or see Past-Lives?

The majority of my clients are able to experience past lives in the first session. Others may take two tries in order to feel comfortable in the alpha brain-wave (meditative) state. If you are not ready during the first session we can do a regular anxiety release, guilt release, spirit guide, or confidence boost Hypnotherapy session, in order to gain a rapport.

9. How will I feel afterward?

Most clients feel very light, happy, and peaceful after the session. Other clients may feel tired and have a slight headache from releasing stored trauma. Either is completely natural, normal, and safe. It is important to know that we are in hypnosis many times a day, and we are just utilizing the power of hypnosis during these sessions. It is recommended to eat some protein beforehand.

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